Home Buyer Inspections

Welcome back! Hopefully these articles have been a help. In the last two we went over finding an agent, and deciding on a location/price range. Assuming you are on track and have completed these tasks, you are probably locking down an offer for a home. To be totally honest, I am going to skip over the offer portion of my experience because Bradley Potter did most of this for me. Bradley Potter knew the market which was highly competitive, and we were able to coordinate a proper offer, I strongly recommend working closely with your realtor on your offer.school reports 2

So you made your offer, negotiated, and they accepted. Now what? What is your next step? INSPECT.

If you are like me, then buying a home a home for sale is by far the largest purchase of your life. It only makes sense to have a professional go through every nook and cranny with a flashlight and a fine tooth comb. In my particular circumstance I had two inspections, as I had an offer I backed out on (inspection wasn’t great), and the one I purchased. It cost me around $700 dollars, but will save me thousands in the long run. My inspector provided me with a binder of information, every imperfection of the home in a concise and organized format.

During this inspection period, I had a few big items I was looking out for:
Roof, Air Conditioner, Foundation and Termites- This may be optional, pay the extra amount to make sure this is done, you don’t want to move into an infestation.

These big items can be deal breakers, or potentially items that can be fixed or negotiated with the seller prior to purchasing.

My first inspection came back relatively positive. The report showed the AC was operating correctly but it was old, the roof, would need replacing in the next five years, and the foundation was fine. The price was low for the home and it was going to be a bit of a fixer upper. I was left in an interesting predicament. Finally I decided it would be more work than I was willing to take on and passed on the property. I certainly lost my $350 dollars, but I was also able to see the home for exactly what it was, no secrets. I would pay that money for certainty again.

My second inspection went better. New roof, new AC, and a solid foundation. It was the right price and I knew what I was getting. Definitely worth the $350 dollars for sweet sleep at night!

I think the takeaway for this post is clear, protect your money and get an inspection. It may cost you some extra bucks on the front end, but the savings will definitely be had down the road.

During my search I was looking for homes for sale in Chandler primarily.  The Chandler neighborhoods seemed to have the quality of living I was looking for.  When I first started looking at homes for sale in Chandler, my options were limited and to get in the best Chandler Neighborhood for my price was even more difficult.  Thanks to Bradley Potter, I was able to achieve my goals without any pressure. Phoenix Area Homes


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