Why my Great Home didn’t sell and it Expired?

Why Great Home’s Don’t Sell And Exactly What To Do Next to Sell Your Home Fast!

expired 2   I hope you enjoy this article.  It will be unlike any other you’ve read before.  When you are done reading it, you will be crystal clear on how to sell your home quick once and for all and likely sell it for more money than expected.

    We will cover the following topics together:

*The # 1 secret to selling for up to 18% more money

* Why the CMA should not be used to determine the price of your home and exactly how you should set your price to attract the highest offer.

*What it takes to make your house stand out from the competition, drive up demand and attract the highest price.Ill get the job done

* How to get agent “excited” about selling your home.

* The #1 most mismanaged variable in the home sale: Negotiation.

* How to determine if your home will be targeting the largest number of qualified buyers

* What mistakes to avoid when hiring an agent

Quick Introduction

The national association of Expert Advisors conducted a nationwide study over the past two years that revealed a proven, repeatable system to sell your home for up to 18% more money than the methods of traditional real estate agents. What you will learn in this controversial report has been highly guarded by the real estate industry for over 105 years.  You are about to learn what most real estate agents will never tell you about how to sell your home fast and for the most money.

Let’s start with some shocking statistics you may not have know about the real estate industry, and why up to 58.4% of homes that go on the market fail to sell.

* The average real estate agent only sells 6-8 homes a year

* The average real estate agent is only required to take between 90 and 500 hours of training to begin selling real estate.

* The average real estate agent spends less than $150 per month in marketing and promotion of their business

* The typical accepted offer an average agent will negotiate is 11% below your original asking price.

The Laws of Selling a Home

We will now go over each law and provide a brief description.  The full detailed report is available in PDF form.  Just contact us and request the “Why Great Homes Don’t Sell” report or fill out the contact form on this page.

Law 1:  Law of Expertise –  While the technology that is used in the real estate industry today is extremely current and effective in helping buyers and sellers navigate the overall real estate landscape, the same thing can’t be said about the strategies traditionally employed to help you determine the best price at which to sell your home.setting your list price

You see, the same protocol for pricing that’s been used for hundreds of years, a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). It’s still being used today and it’s literally killing sellers’ ability to maximize the sales price of their home.

In fact, using the CMA is so detrimental to sellers getting top dollar, that the average sale-to-list pirce of a home across the country is only 89%.  A full 11% less than the original asking price and worth about $16,210 to average home seller that past couple years.

As a Certified Home Selling Advisor, under the Law of Expertise,pick my brain I will consider as many as 27 separate outside threats to the likelihood that your home will sell at a specific price.  Included in the list of threats are:

* Economic Indicators – What bearing does the overall local and state economy have on the housing market in your area?

* Trends Analysis – Are the current market trends more or less favorable for the style, location, demand, etc for your home?

* Absorption rates with in local market – Is there regular consumption of homes in your local market, and if so , how many homes a month are being purchased?

* Inventory of Short Sale Properties & Bank Owned – How many homes are distressed sales, like short sales, in your area and what effect are they having on the overall prices of homes in your market?

* Rent vs Buy Trends – Are people more inclined to buy a home or rent property in your market and if so, what is the ratio of rents to purchases in your area?

* Job stability in Market/Unemployment – Is there a stable job market in your area or are major employers coming to or leaving your area at the time you want to sell your home?

LAW # 2: Law of Differentiation – A proper differentiation strategy can get you up to 18% more for your home.what agent to pick

Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.”  Nowhere does this definition hold truer than in the real estate industry.

To get you maximum differentiation and up to 18% more for your home, as a Certified Home Selling Expert I use a four pronged approach.

1) Expert Staging Advice – Access to a professional staging expert who will consult with you to determine what, if anything, needs improvement in your home to make it show the best while on the market.  Market research shows professionally staged homes sell in as little as 30 days and for up to 6 -10% more than homes not professionally staged.  This is a critical first step in the differentiation process.

2) Quality of Life Upgrade Analysis – In order to drive the perceived value of your home up as high as possible, as a Certified Home Selling Advisor, I will evaluate any possible upgrades required.  Then I will recommend, if necessary any upgrades and help you arrange the lowest price guaranteed on any work needed to complete the required upgrades.  Please note that upgrades are not required on all homes sales to achieve maximum differentiation.

3) Professional Pre-Inspection – Knowing what pitfalls you’ll Preparing your home to sellencounter with an inspection and getting them resolved prior to listing your home can save you as much as 2 to 4 % in repair costs.  Subsequently, I will help you as a Certified Home Selling Advisor get a home inspection to head off any major issues that might come up.  In addition to cost savings on repairs, a pre- inspection will reveal any  “deal killers” and positoins your home to attract a higher offer.

4) Home Warranty – Offering a home warranty to perspective buyers helps your home sell faster and for up to 2.2% more. Additionally, you get coverage on the major mechanical systems in your home while it’s on the market to protect you from any unexpected issues that might arise during the listing and selling period.  The peace of mind a home warranty offers you and the prospective buyers on your listing is literally priceless.

    Differentiation when listing and selling your home in is not optional when it comes to helping you get top dollar from your home.  As a Certified Home Selling Advisor, I know how to help you achieve maximum differentiation and capitalize on it to get you up to 18% more for your home.

Law # 3 : Law of Exposure – Exposing your home to the largest number of qualified buyers gets you the best possible price for your home.

Most agents only invest 10% of their income on marketing and systems to run their business.  With the average real estate netting about $25,000 a year in 2011, he/she only invests about $150 per month to run his/her business, including marketing for your home which is certainly not sufficient to get your home the exposure it needs to attract the largest number of qualified leads.

To get the details on all 7 laws click here to request your free report on Why Great Homes Don’t Sell.  Or fill out the contact form below.

your homes value


By Bradley Potter, PLLC

Homesmart Realty




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